Designer Track Jackets – Which Brand Comes Out on Top?

  • 2017 has seen a notable increase in the number of high fashion designers focusing their attentions on sportswear, particularly from brands popular with millennials, such as Gucci and Givenchy.
  • Despite their arguable lack of practicality, designer tracksuits are certainly becoming the statement piece of choice amongst young fashion lovers.
  • These pieces are perfect for those long plane journeys overseas, those casual autumn / winter afternoons and those mornings training at the gym. Designers are starting to acknowledge our need for casual high fashion and these track jackets are its epitome.
  • We did, however, find it difficult to choose a favourite as there are a number of brands showcasing designs that are both simplistic and tasteful, two things which designer sportswear should always be. Considering this, we think that your favourite track jacket will depend on which brand you have a deeper connection with, because a lot of them are stylistically similar.
  • Nonetheless, here are our top 5 picks in descending order.

Like Most of Balenciaga’s current collection, this black track jacket showcases a very simplistic design with only a very small Balenciaga logo on the upper left chest. Perfect for those who prefer their clothes a little more understated. 


A direct contrast from Balenciaga’s offering is this Gucci track jacket, which features their iconic red and green web on top of a mostly black design. On the back of the piece however is their large tiger design which has been featured throughout a great proportion of Gucci’s current collection. Perfect for those looking for a casual statement piece. 


Fendi are offering another very simplistic black design with red and white accents. This jacket features the stylish Fendi Logo on the back of the neck in their iconic yellow lettering, alongside a multicoloured ‘F’ logo on the upper left chest made from sheepskin. Perfect for lovers of quality materials. 


This Givenchy track jacket is arguably the most popular designer track jacket currently on the market, made even more desirable by its links to countless celebrities and influencers. It features a very simplistic black design with the classic Givenchy logo and iconic star symbol inside white taping down the arms. Perfect for those who like to keep up to date with current trends. 


This Gucci track jacket however is our favourite stylistically. It is both masculine and stylish and the classic navy, red and white colours complement each other in a sporty, sophisticated way. Perfect for those who want style, practicality and something a little out the ordinary. 

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  • Price and information correct as of Monday, November 6th 2017.
  • Due to their exclusivity, some of the products featured in this post may be unavailable through the links that have been provided.
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